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Alright, this post is created because assignment from my teacher in college. The assignment is I have to introduce myself in blog. Okay then, let's begin.

My name is Rizaldy Pradana Hanindra. In this blog, I just use ‘Aldy Pradana’ just to make it simple to remember and to say. My nickname is Aldy. You can see the title of this blog -aldyond- ‘Aldy’ refers to my name and ‘dyond’ because I idolized Dion Indonesian Idol.

Just kidding.

I love writing. For me, writing is a cure. I am introvert person. I don’t talk much in social life, but in this blog, I can talk whatever I want. I have problem with socialize and communication. I don’t have a lot of friend in college. Like be shunned. Maybe people call me that I am apathetic, ‘Hey I’m introvert, what do you really want for me ha? Talk much? If I can do that, I will do that’. Sometimes, I think introvert is a disease. Resent to be like this.

Let’s back to the topic. I want to introduce my blog, my blog is me either.

There is label under the ‘big picture’ with title aldyond.blogspot.com, there are movies, music, sebuah observasi, story of me, tulisan iseng, and cerpen.

In movies, I talk about movies. I love watching movies. Action, thriller, comedy, and cartoon, there are my favorite genre.

In music, I talk about music what I like. Not many post in there. I still focus with label of movies.

In sebuah observasi, I talk about politics, critics, and describe something. This is a serious label with serious posts.

In tulisan iseng, I write about comedy. Try to be funny here, maybe little absurd too. Haha.

In cerpen, of course is a label that has contents like cerpen, a short story. I want to be a writer, so I practice in here.

And the last but not the least, story of me. Talk about me and what I’m doing.

I think that’s all, I hope you enjoy this, my teacher or whoever will read this post. Bye.

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